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They say if you love what you do, it won’t even feel like work.
But what if you could love your work and enjoy doing
the things you love in life – like spending time with family,
travelling, shopping or following your artistic passions?

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About Mary Kay

Mary Kay was established over 50 years ago by Mary Kay Ash who had a dream to provide women with unprecedented opportunities for financial independence, advancement and personal fulfillment. Today, Mary Kay is a top beauty brand and direct seller in nearly 40 countries around the world.

Mary Kay has laid the foundation for millions of women from all walks of life who currently enjoy the freedom and flexibility of Mary Kay’s home-based business model. Whether it’s a part-time endeavor or a primary source of income, the Mary Kay opportunity gives women a proven way to pave their own destiny.

Why Mary Kay?

Do you want to work from home?
Do you want to work the hours to suit yourself and your family?
Would you like to be your own boss?

"Earning with Mary Kay is easy"

As an Independent Beauty Consultant
You purchase Mary Kay products at wholesale prices
And sell them at retail prices.

This means up to 40% profit on everything you sell!

All the Prettiest Perks

In the Mary Kay tradition of loudly praising well-earned achievement, there are rewards and recognition waiting for every challenge you conquer,
every goal you accomplish and every step on your path to success.
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Mary Kay Ash believed in lavishing women with recognition and rewards fit for royalty, and the selection gets better every year. From the latest technology and gadgets to fine jewellery and accessories, if you can set and achieve your goals, you can earn the rewards!
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Travel Opportunities

Our Top Independent Beauty Consultants can achieve an experience of a lifetime, where they can spend their time relaxing and enjoying thrilling excursions in the company of fellow Consultants. This is the ultimate recognition for a year's hard work and this year our top achievers are off to Mauritius.
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The Mary Kay Career Car

The Mary Kay Career Car is the symbol-on-wheels of your business success. With Mary Kay you can earn your way to your very own Mary Kay branded Mini Cooper or our exclusive luxury Mercedes Benz.

Success Stories by our Beauty Consultants

I started my business because of curiosity. I liked the positivity of the women I met at my first meeting and I wanted them to be a part of my life.
Since then I have become shaped by the philosophies of this company and daily seek new opportunities every day to help other women live a full life.

I Can be very proud of what I do- Doyin

I’m always trying to help and support people.
Mary Kay can offer help in so many different ways. It's not just about selling lipstick.
Treating others as you would want to be treated, being at home with my kids but still being able to have a career.

I Can be there when my family needs me- Alison

Mary Kay gives me the opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals.

As a freelancer it can get quite lonely and hard to keep motivated. But with Mary Kay I feel a part of a community while still developing my own business and ideas.

I Can reach my full potential- Carrie

Since starting my Mary Kay business my goals have become clearer.

I want to pass on a legacy of financial freedom to my children by ensuring they don't incur debts when it's time for their University education.

I Can colour my world with Confidence- Beatrice

Award Winning Products

Discover Mary Kay

Check our main website to see the full range of our products

How it Works?

It’s simple, all you need to do to get started with this fantastic opportunity is to complete
your agreement form and decide to start your business with either the Go-Kit or the
fabulous Welcome Kit.

Just fill in the form with your contact information
and we will call you and guide you through the steps!

The Go Kit, £29

Discover Mary Kay
Providing a low price entry point for those interested in learning more with a small initial investment. The Go Kit is filled with information, business supplies, samplers and even a full size Ultimate Mascara worth £14.
Th Go Kit Contents (Click to expand)
  • Ultimate Mascara (Black)
  • Mascara Brush wands (pack of 15)
  • Satin Hands Samplers (pack of 12)
  • TimeWise Miracle Set 3D Sample (Normal/Dry)
  • TimeWise Miracle Set 3D Sample (Combination/Oily)
  • The Look Book (2 x Pack of 10)
  • Sales Ticket (pack of 25)
  • Prospecting Flyers (pack of 50)
  • Product Listing
  • Product Guide
  • Customer Profile
  • 5 Steps To Success Guide
  • DSA Leaflet - Home Shopping
  • DSA Leaflet - Code of Conduct

Mary Kay The Welcome Kit, £99

Discover Mary Kay
The fastest way to success, a comprehensive range of products including full sized best-sellers, business supplies and literature. The most cost-effective and strongest start to your business.
The more you have to offer, the more you have to sell. Plus, all this is worth over £280!
The Welcome Kit Contents (Click to expand)
  • TimeWise Miracle Set 3D (Normal/Dry)
  • Satin Hands Pampering Set (White Tea & Citrus)
  • Oil-Free Eye Make Up Remover
  • Chromafusion Blush (Shy Blush)
  • Chromafusion Blush (Wineberry)
  • True Dimensions Lipstick (Firecracker)
  • True Dimensions Lipstick (Naturally Buff)
  • Satin Lips Set
  • TimeWise Miracle Set 3D Sample (Normal/Dry)
  • TimeWise Miracle Set 3D Sample (Combination/Oily)
  • Satin Hands Samplers (pack of 12)
  • The Look Book (pack of 10)
  • Face Case & Mirror (x 4)
  • Customer Profiles (pack of 25)
  • Flip Chart
  • Product Guide
  • Mary Kay Autobiography
  • Product Listing
  • Sales Tickets (pack of 25)
  • Opportunity Brochure (pack of 5)
  • Disposable Cloths (pack of 30)
  • Disposable Mixing Trays (pack of 30)
  • Sponge Tip Applicators
  • Mary Kay Pin
  • Business Case Starter Bag
  • DSA Leaflet - Home Shopping
  • DSA Leaflet - Code of Conduct

You Are Not Alone!

Every person who joins Mary Kay is part of a network of women who are available to support and encourage you when needed, and of course pass on those tips for success.

Additionally you have the full support of the Mary Kay UK team. Training Workshops are held at our Head Office regularly. Any queries can also be answered by our Customer Service Team who are available Monday - Friday between 8:30am - 5pm on 0207 380 8200 - option 1

Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try.Mary Kay Ash